What we do

Injured patients are much more likely to survive if they receive treatment quickly, so having rapid access to medical care at the crash scene is essential. Fortunately, within the first hour after injury, simple medical treatments can be highly effective at preventing paralysis and death. This critical window is known as the “Golden Hour” and is the period of time during which TraumaLink First Responders work.

Our service model utilizes an emergency hotline number, a 24/7 call center, volunteer first responders recruited from the local community and trained in basic trauma first aid, and ready access to necessary first aid supplies like bandages and stretchers.

Recruit volunteers

TraumaLink recruits volunteers from the local community who are able to arrive at the crash scene within minutes. Volunteer first responders work under the direction of full time TraumaLink Field Staff.

Provide Training

Once the recruitment of TraumaLink volunteers is completed, they are provided with free emergency first aid training before beginning their service.