TraumaLink is a volunteer-based emergency response system reducing the number of deaths and injuries on the highways. Our service model utilizes an emergency hotline number and 24/7 call center with local first responders trained in basic trauma first aid, provided with essential medical supplies, and dispatched to crash scenes by SMS messagingLEARN MORE


               545 Volunteers

Responded to nearly 1300 incidents

Expanded operations to 135 km with a 24/7 call center

Provided emergency first-aid to over 2700 injured patients


Injured patients are much more likely to survive if they receive treatment quickly.  Fortunately, within the first hour after injury, simple medical treatments can be highly effective at preventing paralysis and death. This critical window is known as the “Golden Hour” and is the period of time during which TraumaLink First Responders work. LEARN MORE

Recent News

TraumaLink volunteers are still providing their life-saving services on the highways

These challenging times remind us how much we need each other and we want to assure you, and the communities we serve, that TraumaLink will survive this crisis. Our dedicated and courageous volunteers are still providing their life-saving services on the highways. These first responders have taken the initiative to provide their own masks and we are continuing to provide them with gloves and hand sanitizer.

We are monitoring the situation closely to make sure that our First Responders and Field Coordinators can safely continue treating patients. We are monitoring them for concerning symptoms and have a detailed protocol in place to keep them out of service if these do develop. We will not fully close down TraumaLink’s operations unless it is a temporary measure to protect our volunteers and staff. The senior leadership team is finding the best ways to face this crisis and we have created a list of items we can work on over these next few months that will let us continue to move TraumaLink forward while we have put a hold on our expansion activities. When the crisis has passed, we will be in a better position to resume our normal operations and continue expanding the service.

The staff has done an exceptional job adjusting to the new realities of working during this pandemic. We feel very proud and grateful to know that we have such an excellent team to get us through these difficult times.

We thank all of you for your support and ask that you please stay safe!



TraumaLink @ the Media

On February 06, 2020, The Daily Janakantha has published an article on TraumaLink reaching 5 years of operations.



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Important Crash News of May 2020

The incident took place at Dori Baushia in the Gazariya Upazila on Dhaka-Chattogram Highway around 12:35 pm on the 14th of May 2020. Two persons got critically injured who were on the motorbike. TraumaLink’s Volunteers Muhammad Noore Alam, Ahid Miah, and Md. Giasuddin Mollah immediately reached the spot. After reaching the incident spot TraumaLink volunteers provided emergency first aid treatment to all the injured persons and sent them to the Gazariya Upazilla Health Complex.


TraumaLink’s vision is to  save lives by providing free first aid treatment to highway  traffic injury victims. If you belief in our cause and want to get involved then  subscribe to be “TraumaLink’s  Member”.  TraumaLink has developed a “Membership Subscription Plan” for  organizations who is keen to come forward and support us in saving lives. Click here to learn more.