Volunteer stories

TraumaLink helps traffic crash victims survive their injuries by connecting them to local first responders. When traffic injuries occur, victims and bystanders call TraumaLink’s emergency hotline and our operators quickly dispatch help. TraumaLink transforms families and communities by saving lives.

Al-Amin Bhuiyan

Dhakargao | Hasanpur Collage | Daudkandi | Comilla

If I am not wrong, then around 40% of the families from our village have been into road crash incidents. Of them, few died due to fatal injuries, some died due to lack of proper treatment and some

Sokomar Shil

Shilbari | Raipur | Gram Raipur | Daudkandi | Comilla

I have been working as a volunteer with TraumaLink for quite some time now. Once, there was an incident near  our area, where none of  our volunteers were available at that moment

MD. Abdul Karim

Shulopara | satpara | Chandgao | Daudkandi | Comilla

When I go and provide first aid service to the injured, then they often offer me some money out of kindness. But I strongly refuse to take the money. They even say that nobody would

Hasina Akther

Mubarakpur | Eliotgonj | Daudkandi | Comilla

I went to the market that day. When I returned home and got down from the CNG vehicle, I saw there was a collision between a bus and a microbus. I immediately called

Musa. Mariam Akhter

Bherchar | Daudkandi | Comilla

One day, my friend and I were travelling by an auto rickshaw when suddenly another auto rickshaw collided with ours from the front. I did not get hurt but my friend

Parvin Akter

Mubarakpur | Eliotgonj | Daudkandi | Comilla

It was Eid day. In the morning, I went to the gas station to get water and an auto-rickshaw driver went there to get CNG gas when a bus suddenly hit him. He fell out