We have developed a simple and cost-effective model to reduce the burden of traffic injuries and aspire to bring these life-saving services not only to all Bangladeshis, but also to other developing nations facing similar challenges on their roads.


We provide life-saving services: We connect injured patients to local first responders trained to perform simple but life-saving skills, and equipped with first aid supplies like bandages and stretchers.

We all work together: By creating strong bonds with the communities we serve we are able to combine the talents of many, all working together for the greater good.

We bring together local resources: Our call center operators help to organize a coordinated emergency response that allows patients to be rapidly treated at the crash scene and then taken to a healthcare facility.

We are value-driven: We are guided by our strong principles to work toward a safer and more prosperous society. We provide care to anyone in need, free of charge.

We are principle oriented: We work and provide services in a transparent, efficient, and effective manner, guided by the best interests of our patients.