TraumaLink’s Volunteers


Bherchar | Daudkandi | Comilla

“I feel very proud to be TraumaLink’s volunteer and glad to have learned the emergency first aid training. All my friends wants to learn about first aid techniques. During free time, i teach them. They are all very interested to learn about first aid treatment and they would like to work for TraumaLink someday.”


Shilbari | Raipur | Gram Raipur | Daudkandi | Comilla

“I have been working as a volunteer with TraumaLink for quite some time now. Once, there was an incident near our area, where none of our volunteers were available at that moment except me. I rushed to them with our first aid-kit box and provided first aid treatment to 5 or 6 people all by myself. I dressed their wounds with bandages.”


Shulopara | satpara | Chandgao | Daudkandi | Comilla

“When I go and provide first aid service to the injured, they often offer me money out of kindness. But I strongly refuse to take the money. They even say that nobody would know but I tell them that it is not about people knowing. I do this voluntarily without any pay, to help people who are in need. I feel it is my duty.”


Dhakargao | Hasanpur Collage | Daudkandi | Comilla

“TraumaLink came forward and gave me an opportunity to get involved with their work and help the community. When I started to work at TraumaLink, initially everyone was not familiar about the organization. But now  everyone knows about Traumalink  and thinks that our work is very beneficial for everyone.”


Mubarakpur | Eliotgonj | Daudkandi | Comilla

“Once I witnessed a collision between a bus and a microbus. I immediately called my husband to come quickly to the incident spot with the first aid box. When he came, we provided emergency first aid care to the injured. Many people asked us who we are, where do we work. We told them that we work for TraumaLink to save people.”


Mubarakpur | Eliotgonj | Daudkandi | Comilla

“It was EID day when a CNG autorickaw was suddenly hit by a bus and the driver got injured. We couldn’t take him to the hospital as it was raining hard. So we brought him to my house. I stopped the bleeding and provided him with the necessary first aid treatment. Later his father came and he   called me his sister.”