Our Saved Victims


Age: 75 | Tirchar Moulovi Bari | Eliotgonj | Chandina

“Nobody came forward when I got injured in a road crash injury, but I can still clearly recall that one person who came ahead was TraumaLink. If they were not there, I would not have survived. The service they gave without any money is incredible and I thank and pray TraumaLink for giving me a new life again.


Age: 26 Years | Chittagong Road | Narayanganj

While crossing the road, a car hit my motorcycle and I fell on the road. Then promptly TraumaLink’s volunteer glided in like an angel and provided primary trauma aid to me and took me to the hospital. After the accident, TraumaLink kept in touch with me and checked on my health on a regular basis. I would love to come forward and be a part of this team.”


Age: 38 years | Madanpur | Narayanganj

I got into road crash injury and TraumaLink provided the first aid service to me. They immediately stopped my bleeding and bandaged my injured part. Later, when I went to Dhaka’s Medical Hospital for treatment, the doctors told me that TraumaLink did a very good job. If they did not stop the bleeding, the injury would have got extremely severe otherwise.


Age: 30 | Thairkhala, Daudkandi | Eliotgonj | Chandina

“I lost balance and fell on the highway roadside when this motorcycle hit my CNG vehicle. Then, promptly within a time span of 2 minutes, TraumaLink’s volunteer arrived at the scene and provided the primary first aid and put some bandages on my injured part. I hope their service expands more so that they can provide more services like this to the highway road incidents.”


Age: 20 Years | Taltuli | Daudkandi

“We were 10-12 people on the highway travelling and our car’s brake failed and it fell into a ditch. Everyone said if TraumaLink was not there then it would not have been possible for us to survive. The ditch we fell in was pretty deep and it was not possible for us to get out from there, TraumaLink helped us all to get out from there.”


Age: 30 years | Catkhil | Noakhali

“It was one foggy winter night, when I, along with my wife and 9 month old child, got into a road crash. Right at that moment, I felt so helpless. Then within 1 to 2 minutes TraumaLink’s volunteer steps into the incident scene and very promptly provided the emergency first aid service on us. I never imagined in my life that I would get such a service from anyone.”


Age: 35 years | Gauripur | Daudkandi | Comilla

“On a road crash I got injured on different parts of my body and I was bleeding. Then, TraumaLink’s volunteer arrived at the scene and quickly provided me with emergency first aid treatment. TraumaLink helped me by providing emergency treatment at the right time. I survived a massive crash. TraumaLink provides their service free of cost. I would like to thank them for their work.”


Age: 06 years | Dakkhin Pennai | Daudkandi

“My son went out to play with his father and while crossing the road, he was hit by a microbus and fractured his leg. Then immediately TraumaLink’s volunteer Mr. Matin came to the crash scene and provided primary first aid to my little boy and arranged our transportation to the nearest hospital. I would have lost my boy if I did not have TraumaLink at that time.”


Age: 40 years | Kalinagar | Faridpur

“It was a very foggy night and our car collided with a truck in front of us on the highway. I got injured on my head and started to bleed. Then within one minute, TraumaLink’s volunteers arrived at the scene and provided the emergency first aid to stop my bleeding. Since I got injured on my head so I’ll say TraumaLink really saved my life.”