Our Field Operations

We are currently operating on a total of 227 km; 157 km on the Dhaka-Chattogram Highway, 40 km on the Dhaka–Aricha Highway, and 30 km on Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. TraumaLink has full-time Field Staff overseeing our field operations.

Recruiting and Training Volunteers

All volunteer recruitment workshops and training sessions are conducted at the field level and focused on local community members. We have developed a training curriculum in basic trauma first aid that focuses on skills that are easy to learn, remember, and perform. Yet they are proven to be life saving. All of our volunteers receive a full day of training in small groups with an emphasis on hands-on training so they can remember and perform these skills even in a time of crisis. We also provide volunteers with first aid supplies like bandages and stretchers.

Providing First Aid Services

When a bystander or victim calls our 24/7 call center, operators quickly identify where the crash occurred and how many people are injured. As soon as this information is entered into our custom designed software, it automatically generates an emergency response using SMS messages to dispatch the volunteers closest to the crash scene. After patients are treated, we also provide guidance on where to take them based on their location and the severity of their injuries.

Following Up with the Patient

TraumaLink volunteers stay updated on their patients’ condition by following up with them during their recovery.

Keeping in Touch with the Community

TraumaLink maintains strong ties with the local community and has built a strong network of formal partnerships with government, academic, and nongovernmental institutions working in road safety to collaborate in research, prevention, and advocacy.