TraumaLink’s vision is to save lives by providing free first aid treatment to highway traffic injury victims. If you believe in our cause, you can get involved by joining TraumaLink’s “Membership Subscription Plan”. 

We have recently been expanding our service coverage area, so the number of incident responses, and therefore our operating expenses, are also increasing. In order to continue providing our free life-saving care, we, therefore, require support from sustainable local sources within Bangladesh. At TraumaLink, we are guided by our social duty to help people in need, but we need your help.

 TraumaLink’s “Membership Subscription Plan” is to mobilize local organizations to contribute a small amount each month. These small individual contributions will eventually add up to allow TraumaLink to maintain its current operations and continue expanding its services. Thus far,  Gemcon Group, Kazi Farms, United Trust have subscribed as “Platinum Members” and Youth Group has subscribed as “Gold Members”.

Monthly Membership Subscription Package :


 It is an easy one-step procedure for subscribing and joining as a TraumaLink Member. Simply fill out the form and send it to

Download here:  Member’s Subscription Form

Here, we all work as one to ensure that we can provide free life-saving emergency care and help to build a safer, stronger, and more prosperous Bangladesh. By joining us as a member and contributing a small amount of money each month, you can make a big difference in your community!


TraumaLink engages and mobilizes local communities to come forward and work together to care for victims of road traffic injuries. The “KM Patron” is for individuals who wish to be part of this initiative in saving lives!

Under this plan an individual can come forward and becomes the exclusive patronage of a TraumaLink service area. On average, TraumaLink has four assigned volunteer first responders and a first aid kit per kilometer of service coverage. An individual donating under the “KM Patron Plan” will help save lives by covering the operating expenses for that stretch of the road.

“KM Patron” shall receive:

  • Introduction to the volunteers in your service area.
  • Recognition within the local community through TraumaLink’s workshops, training sessions, and other events.
  • Individual recognition on all of TraumaLink’s digital channels and website.
  • Circulation of your service area’s information via newsletter every month.

For more information kindly email us here


We also offer sponsorship opportunities that are an excellent way to show your support for TraumaLink and the communities we serve.

Volunteer Vests: We have an average of four volunteers on each kilometer of highway we serve.

Service Launching Events: These are well attended and feature distinguished government officials, local political leaders, Local Police, Highway Police, Fire Brigade, and our new Volunteer First Responders. These events receive wide coverage from both local and national media outlets.

– Your logo will be prominently featured on all advertising materials and banners for the launching event.

– You will be allowed to have a booth outside the venue for advertising and/or selling your products.

– A representative of your organization will be recognized and allotted time to speak during the ceremony.

-Your sponsorship will be prominently recognized in our social media coverage of the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the TraumaLink website.

-Your organization will be recognized by name in our press release to local and national media outlets.

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